This was extremely easy, but I realized when I was done finding parts for the costume that no one would know who I was. That's why I made a sign that said "I Heart Big Brother". A lot of people told me how glad they were that I had the sign because then they knew EXACTLY who I was.


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Series 1984
Character Julia
Variant book design


KatakanaX This is so full of win it's not even funny. You're amazing.

alpha_helix I freaking love you for this!

SerjsSODA Gah!! Awesome!

KratosSamurai2 Never thought I'd see 1984 cosplay. Awesome points for you. =)

mrbob0822 A costume from 1984? Wow. Props for diggin' deep there!

LxExplosionx93 You are fabulous for having this costume. Seriously.