Videl Satan

Dragon Ball Z

I love DragonBall Z so I had to revisit my favourite female character and do a better job. I chose the short-haired look for Videl when she enters the Tenkaichi Budokai. I sewed the tanktop and the pink shirt, and made the shoes. (they're not boot covers!!)

Don't have enough photos of this one, but I plan to redo the wig since the spiking went limp before the con.

Edit: have since, redone the wig!
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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Videl Satan

ZakuMonkey Every time i search Videl, i always find myself looking at your pictures, spectacular job!

Suddenleigh agreed! The shoes are the most difficult part to this cosplay. Any help you might have time to offer would be amazing.

DarkestAngel Any chance you have a tutorial for your shoes? =^-^=