Harry Dresden




I created this costume because I am a huge fan of the Dresden Files, and all of my friends that I told about the books kept saying that I remind them of Dresden. So I figured, I might as well Cosplay as him!

My fiance got me the awesome duster to replace one that I lost in San Francisco along with my car window. &gt;_< (She also accompanied me as Karrin Murphy, which was freaking awesome!)

My staff was homemade from a wooden dowel I got at Lowe's with some stain and hand carved Runes (which are less arcane and more Japanese).

The only other things I had to get together were the amulet (ebay) and shield bracelet (ebay + Michael's Craft supplies).


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Series D
Character Harry Dresden


OldestAngel You make an awesome Harry! I love the tone of your photos, I definitely get a sense of him. Great job!

rubywings I think you're my favorite male cosplayer. You and your lady are both incredibly talented, and I love seeing all the things you guys put together <3

Hexwolf13 Hey man, I was wondering, how much did your duster cost and where did your fiance get it?

GhostRider22 Darlin' if my friend and I decided to do a fan based Dresden Files anything...you would be our first pick. ^^ Love your outfits ^^

!*Jessi-Chan*! This makes me so happy! Amazing

anime_wench This, and your Dread Pirate Roberts, are your BEST cosplay characters so far. Amazing my dear! ^_^

jukebox My god, you ARE Harry. Amazing job on the costume!