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I am going to use a different skin coloring tech next time and im gonna make another headband because i lost it before the costume debute. Anyways this is i guess my practice round for this cosplay an improve from hear on. First off the thing i used to color my skin was blue food dye( BAd idea) being that it was my first time coloring my skin i wanted to experiment while being as cheap as possible ...very bad idea and i suffered those consquences....the sword is made from a 6 ft pvc pipe with a core made of card board and an outer shell ( the thing that gives it its shape) also out of cardboard. The wrapping is a bed sheet i bought for cheap and shreaded to give it the bandage look... Now for the insanely hard part which was the spikes. I cut out every little spike and then hotglued on every single one. Spray painted Metalic blue to give it the sharp look. It held pretty durable but after some extreme damage some spikes fell off but always could be reapplyed. Over all it took me a simple 7 hours for this cosplay and itll probably add move once i improve to prefect it.


@The Desert Rose
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Series Naruto
Character Kisame
Variant Headbandless.....unintentional but still


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