Halo 3



Ive just gotten into Pepakura and I've had Halo armor on the back of my mind for waaaay too long, time to make it a reality.

Spartan type: Mark VI
-Two M6D Pistols


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Halo 3
Character MOMO-249
Variant Its like Master Chief only shorter and more awesome


Soul-Drinker I want your soul. ^_~

TKanaAmaterasu I had a look and tried getting the files but my computer or the adobe wont read them. can i have a link. I signed up to 405th but am lost lol

BadBoyZbo Wow you are a pro costume maker. this costume is awesome

TKanaAmaterasu Props to ur great Halo outfit. can u tell me how u made and put it together. My brother wants one

PhaseChan Seriously awesome work so far! <3

Goosebot 5000 if youre not on you should be! its always good to see a new spartan coming up.

Kruznik 01 Looks like progress is coming along well. Best of luck to you man.