Yoruichi Shihouin (Battle Outfit)




AN 10' <3!

Edit: It was so much fun!

Let's see...I really love this cosplay and the character is just so awesome I had a blast cosplaying her! The wig was an ordered character wig (which is why it came with a ponytail), but I was dissatisfied with the base so I spiked it up to make it look more like her hair. It was my first spiking experience, and I'm very happy with it!

The hair tie was made out of a scrap of fabric from scarf (which I remade from my Yoruichi First Outfit cosplay). It was kind of a pain to tie in but the red tie made everything come together.

I also remade the armwarmers (I looped around the blue instead of sewing individual loops after seeing that they were incorrect), but kept the legwarmers after washing them.

I sewed the halter top and painted on the sting mark with white fabric paint, then I sewed the whole thing to a pair of tights (store bought) to make the bodysuit. The tube top underneath was also self-made because I couldn't find one that worked (which was actually really hard for me, it's supposed to be so simple, but I actually struggled a lot with that tube XD).

The shoes were originally white; I spray painted them brown, then covered the whole thing in brown spandex to turn them a lighter brown.

For the sting tattoos, I drew the one on my face myself (using eyeliner of all things XD) with a stencil.

*The day of the con I actually drew the whole thing on the wrong side of my face because I was to excited to pay attention...after debating I finally decided to rub it off and do it on the correct side XD!*

I got a friend to draw the ones on the back of my shoulder and the one on my arm because I couldn't reach &gt;_<.

I got my contacts 2 days before the con, and I love them, though they show up a lot better in sunlight.

Finally I coloured my eyebrows with this awesome coloured hair gel stuff I found in the dollar store! I love it, it stayed on all day~!

My little brother cosplayed Urahara with me in this version. I sewed his outfit for him as well, and we had a good time. I like her battle outfit alot because it was comfortable and I wasn't horribly hot all day!


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Character Yoruichi Shihouin (Battle Outfit)


ALTCC Thanks for letting me feature this cosplay! http://alittlethingcalledcosplay.blogspot.com/2011/09/pinkserenity-yoruichi-shihouin-from.html

Hagane No perfect =] you inspire me. im cosplaying her for afest

Yasuharu Wonderful costume, and the wig is gorgeous! VERY well-done Yoruichi!

SharX&#12458;&#12479;&#12463; WELL DONE~! T^T SO BEAUTIFUL~!

Toki_Ichii LOL I agree with mxIHI! XDXD You should model! And you kept saying your cosplay was bad! D= you looked awesome Pii-chan!! =D


Earthychan Wow... awsome!

Nilyah love your Yoruichi, the wig is perfect!

Shigatsu-Neko Looks good :]