Arielle as Cinderella



2.0 The New and Improved Version!

Cosplayer: Arielle
This is a brand new gown made for me to wear for events with True Enchantment Entertainment! (

I play Cinderella, as well as many other fairytale characters for children's parties and events, and this is one of our newest costumes!

Costume by couture designer, Lisa Fabio
Wig, shoe & other random rhinestone detailing by me!

The dress is a 1700s period piece replica. Lisa decided to make our Cinderella as if she really were from the time period her dress in the movie resembles. It is not really a costume, rather, a replica of the gowns they actually wore in that time. It's pretty darn accurate, from the fully corseted back, to the undergarments and layers. I am so honored to wear this beautiful piece! I've never seen Cinderella done like this!

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