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Being a Fire Emblem fan, when I first saw the trailers for Valkyria Chronicles, it became a must have game for me. I bought a PS3 because of it. Naturally, I decided to cosplay from it.

I cosplayed Wavy and Noce. The costume can be used for whichever scout I choose, hence the "Scout" designation for this costume. I have 2 iterations of this costume:

Ver1. The uniform and gun were made over the span of two weeks. There are glaring omissions of crucial parts, but considering the time I had, the uniform was pretty decent.

Ver2. Using the knowledge and experience from Ver1, I recreated the costume from scratch (I used the Ver1 costume for extra fabric). This was a 2 month effort. I used about 3-5 hours each day after work to make the uniform, props, and armor. This costume tested my skills with making and fixing patterns, sewing, and prop making.

Ver2.1. The only difference was the rifle I used. It took me 2 months, once again after work, to make the Gallian-S20R out of foamcore, cardboard, and various other paper products.

Ver2.2. Being OCD about details, I fixed up the knee pads, elbow pads, and hip armor to better match that of the game. I also redid my pants since they did not fit correctly. For props, I added a grenade launcher to my rifle and made a new grenade.

Construction Notes:
Uniform: McCall's Civil War Uniform pattern with heavy modification to the collar and pants.
Uniform Trim: White ribbon sewn into the seams and edges. This takes forever, though.
Uniform Detailing: Felt and iron-on bonding was used for the detailing (patches and scout symbol).
Armor: Cardboard wrapped in blue camouflage fabric held in place with Velcro or safety pins.


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Series Valkyria Chronicles
Character Scout / Sniper


Meli I am amazed at the detail and craftsmanship that has gone into this costume! I'm sad I missed it at ALA this year. Hopefully I will catch it next time! It looks awesome!