Coat- is custom made by a professional who makes Rorschach coats. took me months to find him

Pants- cotton suit pants


Shoes- Dark brown Chelsea Boots

Hat -Company who made the hat for the movie. cost me 350.00 Western weight fur felt. color-Pecan.

Gloves- Brown leather gloves

This is not a closet version of Rorschach i have spilled at least $900 into getting screen accurate attire that has been aged properly by professionals.

Everything is done, just mostly fine tuning and weathering.
took it to comic con 2010 and had a blast

re-did the coat completely, wasn't loving the original anymore, after heavy alterations including 3 dye bathes got the color right and finished the coat off with weathering and waxing.


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Series Watchmen
Character Rorschach


Ammie Your Rorschach is PERFECT!!! I mean WOW!! What an amazing job!! I totally love his character! You make me proud ><

skulldouggary Nice attention to detail. You probably know this already but the boots are a squared toe brown ankle boot with a strap (no buckle). Sort like a short motorcycle boot, only with no metal ring.

KiNgofKoRn Coming together well man. I saw the Chelsea Tims that you were talking about and they look great. Can't wait to see the suit dyed.

Nightlotus wow! The detail you've gone into is amazing! I love that you actually took the time to make everything perfect instead of just saying "good enough" about mediocre items. The mask looks great too! ^^