She's so adorable... and clumsy!

I saw this wig on ebay after having started watching the series and instantly wanted to cosplay her. It's really nice for the price I paid. I'm surprised.

Wore to a few photo shoots the Saturday of A-Kon... UGH THE HEAT. It was fun parading about as her... but honestly I look horrible in the costume. My apron didn't turn out right and it's just bleh. I worked really hard on the tailoring, but I was prepared to hate how I looked in it. (weight wise)

It was worth being giggly and clumsy for a day, but I don't see myself wearing this again.


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Meirin/Maylene


jigokushoujo729 I'm also doing a Maylene cosplay and I really wanna know how you did the glasses!! I tried making some they are made out of plasic XD so if you could tell me!!! please!!

Sakurairis hey I'm attempting a maylene cosplay, how in the world did you get your glasses like that? and is it possible to see through them at all? That's my biggest worry, I have the glasses ordered but I need to make them opaque and it's killing me finding a way.