Watanuki Kimihiro


oh gosh. when kagz told me she wanted to do this outfit I WAS SO RELIEVED! my outfit was sooooo easy compared to hers, it's crazy. However I put A LOT of effort into this outfit. She picked out the colors and fabrics so we could match, they were all kona cotton. Both layers were made using the french seam (ooo lala) and i've never done so well using bias tape (SO HAPPY) XD i made the obi by myself. the only thing that bugs me is the sleeves, on the inside, but you can hardly see it.

The "throw" was made from scratch. I created a stencil with craft foam for the butterfly and then I cut out everything out of fabric (YES I MADE THAT CIRCLE FROM SCRATCH!) and then zig zag stitched it into the fabric. my machine hated it, so up close it looks horrible, but far away it's amazing~

You couldn't see his feet, so I just bought some wooden clogs on ebay.

I didn't have my brown contact for a-kon but I did for tokyo in tulsa.

I don't think i've ever had more compliments on a costume before, even Yukito. This outfit was very humbling.

Not to mention I think we make a friggin awesome yuuko and watanuki, yes? XD
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