Gizel Godwin

Suikoden V

I really wanted a challenge... something that could test my ability. Now that I think about it, I should have picked something a little easier xD.

After Anime Central (May 2009), I decided that I didn't want to re-use my Bernadette Egan (also from Suikoden V) for AI like I had originally planned. I wanted to pick a costume from the game that could really catch people's attention, even to those who haven't played the game.

I decided to do Gizel's Queen's Knight uniform variant, not really realizing how hard it would be exactly. I figured the sewing would be easy enough (modify a pair of pants, modify a kimono... how hard could that be?) but it was really tough figuring out certain parts, such as getting the shape of the outer tunic right.

It's not finished quite yet. When I wore it, everything was separate, and I was actually held together by about 30 safety pins. I didn't have time to do some of the detailing on the sleeves (both the undershirt and the outer flap), shoulder armor piece, and boots. I'll fix these areas for Anime Central 2010, as I plan to wear this again.

Total cost is estimated to be about $550. Black fabric used is a soft fall suiting fabric, and the red is casa collection satin. Armor parts and headband are made out of either wonderflex or friendly plastic. The owl belt buckle we sculpted out of baking clay, made a mold from putty, and cast it in resin. The triangle trim and belt vinyl, handcut and glued. The arm and leg flaps are fully lined.
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Series Suikoden V
Character Gizel Godwin

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