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So, inspired by the lovely Mandachan, I made her kingdom hearts version of Naruto: Sakura, keyblade and all!

Shirt: pleather strips cut 1 in (w) by 47 in (l) I believe? Then detailed with gold thread. Attached both straps to a gold ring in the back, and finished it with two buckles in the front. Red silk and cotton mix used, found in NYC's fashion district a while back. Used a self made and altered pattern for the asymmetrical top (took a few tries), plus a 9 in gold tooth on red base zipper from Panda Thread. Second gold ring was glued onto the shirt when finished. Wrap around neck band is stitched on one side, velcro on the other for easy removal and dressing.

Collar: Very easy, cut out a rectangle, and put in a zipper on each end. That's it. Really.

Skirt: same silk and cotton mix, used a basic circle skirt pattern to make, very simple.

Belt: 2 in (w) pleather cut strip (with gold thread detailing) with inserted belt buckle and gold edged tip. Also very simple.

Stockings: bought a cheap pair of spandex tights, cut them up into thigh highs, and then added the gold side buckles and buttons. I STILL NEED TO ADD THE GRIP. Unfortunately, the fell down a couple of times during the con XO

Glove: oh, what a pain, did not work first or second try, but I got it on the third. Cut out a basic glove shape based on a tutorial I read ages ago. Added the silver button detail as necessary ;) black strap (also detailed with gold thread) secured the top of the glove via velcro.

Shoes: had some round toed black shoes around ~ Just made red boot covers for them, along with another pair of simple little belts (with gold detailed thread) to keep the secure should the built-in zipper happen to fail XD

From Manda:


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