Paranoia Agent



This was a quick costume I whipped together for Nekocon. I entered it in the Hal Costume contest and didn't win. That's okay though; I wasn't expecting to. The head is hollow 1" foam glued end to end with adhesive spray and covered in handsewn fleece. (I dont suggest using fleece... it doesn't hand sew well. Even using the hidden stitch can't hide the seams) The body is made out of several pannels padded with batting and lined in broadcloth on the inside. The big head simply rested on my shoulders, and I could see out of the black knit eyeballs very clearly. No fans installed so it was rather hot... Still... I kinda liked the baggy look to it- it made it look more plushie looking.

Fabric: Fleece
Visability- 95%
Breathability- 50%
Comfort- 90%
Durability- Weak in the head


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Series Paranoia Agent
Character Maromi


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