Pyoko (Pyocola Analogue III)

Di Gi Charat



Note: I did NOT make this costume. An old friend of mine made it for me back when I did not know how to sew. The only things I did were sew on some lace, make the armband, the headband and the Dark Gema Gema ball. <3

I wore this to Akon 17, but got no pictures taken so I decided to update it and release back at Animefest 2006. This time I used my old Roxas wig and made a new Dark Gema Gema.

The many layers made it really hot to wear, so I only cosplayed in this during the evening and early morning. I really only got my best use out of it during Friday night when we arrived. Everyone wanted to just lounge around since we didn't have badges, but me and a friend walked about and ran into a ton of photographers. It was awesome.

Oh and, I put the Gema-arm band on the wrong arm. I didn't realize that until after I saw the pictures. Dx


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Character Pyoko (Pyocola Analogue III)


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