Adelbert Steiner

Final Fantasy IX



Costume is mainly made out of leather. The chainmail is metal and was made by hand, flattened with an anvil, then each ring was soldered shut for extra reliabilty. Sword is a mix of leather, wood, and resin.
The costume is MUCH harder to make than it looks. While it was not my most time intensive costume, it is by FAR my most complex/difficult to assemble armor to date.


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Series Final Fantasy IX
Character Adelbert Steiner


TheNamesWrath A STEINER COSPLAYER?! This is amazing, Sir Rustalot is one of my favorite characters!

Narnian Epic!

n3Sto yea im glad you won you deserved it those are some really nice pictures of FFIX's Steiner and Garnet. whats the name of the girl portraying Garnet though?

axel159357 im sorry but at first i though you were tin man from wizard of oz. but i have a reson.i have never played final fantasy 9 so ya.

The Boss WHA? I haven't commented here? omg: This is such an EPIC Steiner. You really brought him to life! Steiner is an awesome character! And your armor and costume and props really rock! Well done!

Nekotwang Amazing dude!

AlBhed omg you have a fantastic steiner!!!!! how seriously awesome!!! I sure wish I lived closer to Florida now, haha.. FFIX is my favorite (along side FFV) and I actually have more costumes from that game than I uploaded, FFIX makes up like, 65% of all my cosplay haha xD I wanna see more pics of this costume!!!

[Rubedo] YES! Steiner =D

Terranell Fantastic! You're perfect for Steiner, I want to see more pictures!!

`Difficile This is so amazing...You're such an incredible cosplayer!

Keirii Wow, you make a great steiner!

NytenGale i "squeed" when i saw this! :) i love him! :)

BalthierFlare I love your Steiner!

Dadderface You are pretty damned epic.

JFBount PSH my negativedreamer cosplay is so much better ... lol XD

Densetsu47 Thanks for your comment on my Kuja costume - just looked at your page and stared in awe! Great work on Steiner, and your Ganondorf is amazing too!

Rissid Steiner for the win! Very awesome!