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Choosing a Huntress character to cosplay was not so difficult this time. My sister's favorite class was the Huntress and I have found it so fascinating. I'd often watch her explore maps with her trustee Falcon. It was inspiring to do one because Huntress cosplayers are relatively few, and that I get to have bows and arrows this time :3

The blouse and skirt were made by the same friend's mom who sew my Alchemist mini-dress.

Making the arrows were easy. I used barbeque sticks covered with colored paper, and the tips out of cardboard. But was those little details that I love working on: the bracelets, the buttons, the belts... and going out to find the perfect materials had been truly fun, not to mention meeting friends! The boots were actually bought in Baguio city! :D

It was difficult to dye the glove stockings into the correct kind of brown to match the whole costume. It took me a lot of trials and color mixing until I got it right.

I had a Falcon prop during RPC 2005. I made one out of styropor and feather stuffing. I had worked on it a night before the event (and also the reason why we arrived late at the venue). It looked awful as it was rush and we were all laughing our heads off because it looked more like a stunned owl than a falcon.

A month later, I was able to buy an eagle plush toy that I passed off as a Falcon during the Manila International Gift Show later that year.


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Dukesa Yes I will be. I got tired last night figuring out how the whole album-costume gallery works. I'm going to be uploading them in a while. Thank you for liking my costume! :3

AkatsukiSky Will you upload other pictures so we can see the whole costume? It looks beautiful! (and this little falcon is so cute x3) I wanted to do a Huntress too... but I think I'll end up with a Soul Linker, I saw only one, on this site, that's sad... Anyway, your costumes are great ;3