Final Fantasy XIII



Lightning, aka "Pain in the ass" costume.
Probably Lightning version 1.5. Haha.
Redid the skirt, touched up the vest, new boots. The wig is acting weird in the pictures so I plan to completely restyle it.

The tunic itself was the most difficult. It look a lot of trial and error to get it right. Some white soft, stretchy vinyl-ish material for the outside and a bit more stiff brown for the lining.
The clasps were as close as I was able to find without special ordering online somewhere. Gloves suck. I hate making them and I hated the gloves I made. And I left the gold pieces at home, but I accidentally stepped on one so I have to remake them too.
The bag was also difficult. I ran out of fabric to make the 2nd smaller pocket, but it's good enough and it's functional. I like it well enough.
*Blaze Edge made by Astillar.


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Lightning


noorsyafiza hi ravenmist!! first at all, my name is fiza and you looks fantastic wearing those outfit....:) how do u that? are u made it by yourself? (sorry if my english is bad....)