Slightly Timid Ravenclaw Student

Harry Potter Series

Ok, so I always wanted to go to a book release or movie premiere in costume, but especially for the last book. Luckily, I finally had someone who would not only go with me, but wanted to dress up! I chose to be in Ravenclaw for several reasons - I would likely be sorted into it so it seemed appropriate, almost everyone does Gryffindor or Slytherin, I liked the color scheme, and I found a navy tie at Goodwill. :P And given I had one week's notice and almost no time during that week, I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I even had fun adding in little details like navy and silver flowers in my hair. Hey, might as well make my Mary Sue self stand out a bit, right?

But the costume itself is a bit ghetto - mostly all thrift store bought. The pants, socks, and shoes were bought there and left completely unaltered, the shirt at Wal-Mart, and the sweater vest only needed the sleeves removed and the stripes added. Oh, and my wand is a knitting needle, lol. The cloak was made with a borrowed pattern and sewing machine (thanks to my fellow Potterhead, ElocinDancer), and though a bit big, it's quite comfortable. A bit on the heavy side, however, but at least I was able to add lining where noticeable, a pocket for my wallet and such, and my patch, which thankfully came in the day I needed it (with even more thanks to ED!). Good times in this costume - might bring it back out for future movie premieres or Halloweens.
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Character Slightly Timid Ravenclaw Student
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