Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura




I had planned this costume before, but never got around to making it. But this time I finally finished it, if for nothing else, to scare my friends with. XD But they like creepy stuff like that, so they won't mind. XD


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Ringu
Character Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura


hazywazy where did you get the wig? I want to go as her for halloween ^^ x

ButterflyxBones Holy crap!! That is SO awesome!!

AsakuraYoh Grerat job =DDD yu're a perfcet Sadako =33

raitolawliet Sadako really scared the hell out of me in Ringu, and this cosplay gives me chills. Great job!