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I'm very excited about finally making an Eternal Sailor Moon costume! She has always been my favorite character! I hope you enjoy!
Body: blue shimmering fabric with yellow ribbon. Puff (by pleating) light pink sleeves. I pleated tulle inside to make them puffier! Put red power bands at end of sleeves.

Brooch: Heart ornament half painted on outside; craft foam painted for wings and individual feathers. Pearls attached with feathers; Gems for decoration

Skirt: detachable; tri-color layers pleated together. Added tulle between layers to add more flare. Top trimmed with red fabric. Moon attached, made with craft foam and fabric. Tail red ribbons attached to back (I put craft foam in side to keep them sturdy.

Wig: Originally curled and a mess! Steamed and meatballs formed (twisted around a sponge curler and held with bobby pins). Ornament halves for red gems- painted inside. White Pearls and craft foam on bobby pins.

Collar: red shimmery fabric with wooden painted heart and moon (craft foam and fabric)

Earrings: Moons (Fabric and craft foam) and wooden stars (painted and fabric) connected with jewelry pieces

Gloves: White gloves with 3 power bands. Red fabic with craft moon for angle on gloves. Pearls with feather craft foam painted with sparkles!

Boots: High-heel boot (originally black) covered with hand-sewn spandex dance fabric white. Zipper in back. Red trim at top with moon.

Wings: Craft foam layered to create feathers. Held inside with floral wire. Yellow waist band to hold up wings.

Bonus!?! Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!!!!!!
I decide to go ahead and create the Final Eternal Tiare. I used wrapping paper roll. Formed with masking tape and craft foam. Paper Mached and painted white and red. Of course---Glitter! ;)

Crystal: made with individual diamond gems glue on a big gem.

Globe: ornament painted in the inside, gems and ribbon glued.

Heart gold outer piece: Floral wire shaped, Craft foam to creat form, gold ribbon glued, Gold trim

Golden ring (found at craft store): glued around center

Heart with wings: Heart ornament half painted in inside, craft foam for wings, gems and pearl for decoration details

Rainbow Moon chalice piece: Ornament globe with craft foam creation (round with triangles formed for star trimmed with gold) inside, outside ornament with craft form as well as moon, Craft foam wings, decorated details with gems

Whole thing put together with hot glue gun! More decoration details with gems and glitter!
Now the whole costume is complete (except for touch-ups like more sparkles before photo shoot and convention)!!! Hurray!


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