Beauty and the Beast

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The bodice is casa satin, the skirt is casa crepe, and the collar, sleeves, details, and ruffles are made of a lovely faux silk, which gives a good amount of weight to the bottom of the dress. The cape is made from panne velvet (not crushed velvet) from JoAnn's holiday collection, lined with fabric lining, with fur trim along the edges. The bottom is supposed to have fur trim also, but I decided not to add it because I could easily see it getting dirty and ruined. I just don't have built-in Disney magic to keep everything perfectly clean and nice!

I always loved this outfit of Belle's best of all her clothes! The blue dress is nice, and the ballgown is quite frankly overdone, but this dress is really lovely. When I was little, I had a Barbie-like Belle doll that came wearing this outfit, that I had chosen over the ballgown-wearing doll. I love seeing Disney cosplays that make alternate costumes, not the ones that are always shown on the marketing artwork. Those dresses would be so uncomfortable to wear all the time!

It took me a while to make this because I didn't think I'd have a chance to wear it (no winter cons). But then I wore this to All-Con and YuleCon when it first started up, as well as to some "cosplay on ice" parties and other winter cosplay events. It's surprising how many "regular" people recognize this costume, too.


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FuriePhoenix wow this is gorgeous!!

PirateLady-Lizz Tou look absolutly gorgerous ! Wonderfull dress !