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Our project, to have all the members of org. XIII. We've been doing this for at least 8 months and finally, our hard work finally paid off!

Wigs were more or less fun to do, Xemnas, Marluxia, Axel and Roxas-wigs we just bought, others had to be made. My favourite one was Demyx <3 at first I thought that "man...this will totally be pain in the ass...", but it turned out to be awesome to make, mostly because I had three wigs worth of material to make it :'D so, 'had no pressures about screwing it up~ and working with this glue-pistol-kinda thingy was...interesting. While finishing it, I accidentally burned Xiggy a couple of times -w-' I relly need to get a proper wig-head...Xaldin took about couple of days because I hated to make it. So did Vexen...well...more like half a year TT u TT Luxord took about couple of hours :'D Saïx was hard, too, but took about couple of months...because of my lazy workphase :9 Zexion was fun to make, but didn't turn out quite as well as it could have :/ oh well. And Lexaeus XD oh, it's sooo priceless. The expression on our little Atlas' face when he first saw it...'wish I had taken a picture xD As Ansku would say: "lexaeus' hair is like a giant lump of dough!"

Aaaand, some random things, like pointy rubber ears and eyepaches has mysteriously appeared onto my table &gt;u&gt; good thing we have such enthusiastic group members. My shoes are a little bit arses, but they look good : D

Oh, and it was so much fun to be at Tracon, thanks for all who supported us and all you great people who we met <3


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