Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland



My friend and I went to see the Tim Burtton, Alice in Wonderland at midnight, opening day and we decided to go in cosplay. So I chose to be the Cheshire Cat since he's my fav character from this movie. I worked on putting this cosplay together for about a week. I'm pretty satisfied with the results and it really caught a lot of attention at the movie theater. It was such a fun night, and the movie was awesome. :D

Edit: This costume has gone through some changes since I first wore it. It has a new set of ears and paws. A pleated skirt, and a pair of striped stockings as well as some striped leg warmers. And the wig has been changed from a short orange wig to a long purple wig.


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Series Alice in Wonderland
Character Cheshire Cat


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