Rikku-chan as Shiva


Final Fantasy X

Cosplayer: Rikku-chan
**This costume was made in 3-4 days.**
Make up: I chose to go with a lavender colored body paint to go off of Shiva's figurine design and her in game renders. I was never too much of a fan of her monochrome blue design depicted in the art. XP From the waist up it's body paint and the waist down it's matching tights. The paint takes about 3 hours to apply with the help of my lovely Hiyoko-chan! The ice scar is made with FX ice crystals and shiny confetti glued to my face. Colored my eye brows with blue eyeliner and....that's about it for make up!

Wig: The wig is made completely out of yarn that was cut/bound into 11 larger dreads which were then glued to an old hat. Then the hairline was glued on by individual yarn strands. I chose to go for the multi-colored (blues/purples/greens/teals) dreads to match Shiva's in game renders. The wig is quite heavy but stays on my head...but in order to walk properly I have to put my hand on my head so I can find my center of balance again! XD

Bikini top/bottom: The top I made using an old strapless bra that I cut into shape and covered with blue silk. I painted the snowflake design with pearl-white acrylic paint. The bikini bottom is made completely from scratch with a craft foam decor with two crystals.

Ice shards/Ice "boob": I cut out shapes drawn out on stencil making "paper" (clear plastic like you can find folders made out of!) and hot glued them together with the help of my friends Lexi and Beth. The ice shards (on my wrist) were then frosted with silver acrylic paint. The ice boob was frosted with pearl white acrylic paint and then was sewn to the bra.

More info as the costume is finished!!