Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VI



OKAY! Now that I have a second, I can write about this monstrosity.

The short version of the story is that Kefka is, hands down, my favorite video game character EVER. In the hundreds of games I've played, Kefka is and always will be my number one favorite. And ever since I first started cosplaying, I've wanted to get a FFVI group together just so that I could make this costume. Years later, when I finally knew how to work a sewing machine properly, I expressed my desire to get this group together and my BFF Tali was just as stoked on the idea as I was, so we gathered a hand full of people together and all got to work. (In the end, only four of us finished.)

Several months went by wherein all I did was stalk fabric stores and second hand shops for unusual and colorful textiles and trims. Eventually, once my wallet was completely empty and I had a huge rubbermaid bin full of fabric, I got to work and the end result was this huge eyesore of a costume.

I bought over twenty different kinds of fabric for this costume. :|

The costume design it's self is a mash of Dissidia artwork, Amano art work, and fan works. I wanted it to be very flamboyant and colorful, but still have a lot of texture and to still be grounded in an official design. Things like the frilly vest and crown brooch were my own kind of flair, but a lot of the patterns on the fabric is similar to official references.

I also didn't want to do a lot of beading on this. Nothing makes me more upset than an over-beaded Amano costume. I mean, don't get me wrong. Tasteful beading is great. But I'd rather my costume didn't look like a disco ball. I'm just sayin'.

The make-up wound up being a bit of a bust. I made the mistake of not doing a test run before the con because of how busy I was and I actually picked up the wrong kind of foundation base. It was an awful newbie mistake, so I guess I kind of deserved it. OTL There was also an issue with the water in down town Seattle being much harsher than that at my house, so my skin was just in an awful, dry state by the time I got to wear Kefka, and in a lot of the pictures, you can see that. I also forgot to bring the liquid latex to attach the pointed ear tips and they wouldn't stay on with the eyelash glue that I attempted to use as a substitute. Ah well! Better luck next time, eh?

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. There are many things I plan on fixing up and changing and adding to, but it was absolutely wonderful to finally get this costume done and I am incredibly thankful for Tali, Bubydub, and RPGirlNess for joining me in making my dreams come true! :>


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Tigress I *love* it! It's different, yet looks very well like it came from Amano.