Xenosaga Episode I



No. More. Pleather.

Well, me and Erica were chatting when day when she brought up that she was cosplaying Xenosaga. Somehow, something happened and I ended up agreeing to cosplay with her (just because she's that cool!).

Originally I was planning on doing chaos, but after some convincing I chose to do Albedo instead, because he's cool, JUST LIKE ME =D. This had nothing to do with my figure and how my body was totally unsuited for chaos, or how is hair didn't flatter my huge head. Nope, not at all.

So, I started this costume, and with much head-ache later things finally turned out, though there is room for improvement. I learned some stuff to, such as never spray paint pleather, ever ever ever again.


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Series Xenosaga Episode I
Character Albedo
Variant Xenosaga I


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