Mishima Reika




I drafted the pattern for the jacket myself in muslin since it has a fairly unique shape and I didn't want to bother with modifying patterns I already had. The skirt I just winged as it's a short skirt with one box pleat =b

The fabric is this marvelous suiting fabric. And I love all the colors on the uniform. I love, love, love the royal blue with the gold trim and the little patch of crimson red just makes the colors on this so rich!

I made the TERRA patch on her sleeve with heat n' bond and embroidery. The gold trim on it turned out a bit thick, but I still like it =)

This costume was accompanied by Fire Lily in her Mishima costume (her usual yellow dress)


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Created 12 years ago
Series RahXephon
Character Mishima Reika
Variant TERRA Uniform


Xaniss You look lovely!