Hetalia: Axis Powers

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The coat's material is canvas, fastened by a total of five snaps; three large ones on the coat itself and two smaller ones on the straps that overlap. Used a standard costume coat pattern (Matrix) made minor alterations on it for the coat's collar, length and how it overlaps. The scarf is approximately 10 feet long and made of a cream-colored fleece. I've owned the boots for several years now, the pants are simple dark brown slacks, and the gloves are black leather that I've owned for about as long as the boots. The medal was a wooden star cut out, painted with two acrylic paints and then with ribbon hot glued to the back.

Recent Issues: The garnishes on the coat were made last minute, so for the first time I wore the costume, they began to fray. As with the medal, the pin I attached it to also popped off, as well as the lower half of the medal (which was also wood) fell off. Since then, the garnishes have been replaced.

UPDATE: I have recieved the new scarf and medal from my fellow cosplayer and Ukraine. The scarf is now made of crape, and the medal is pimpin'.

Costume Parts:
Blond Wig
Undershirt/Foundation Garment
Brown Pants
Brown Boots
Cream Scarf
Leather Gloves
Star Medal

Empty glass bottle/emptied vodka bottle.
Lead Pipe (PVC)
Felt Heart


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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character Russia
Variant Military Uniform (WWII)


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