Padme Amidala(Dinner dress)

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones

@Queen Amydala


This is my very first entry of what I hope to be a very promising Cosplaying career? I guess hobby is more like it.Anyone who knows me knows I absolutly love Star Wars and my very favorite charecter let alone sci-fi Charecter is Padme Amidala. I am absolutly obsecned with her wardrobe. So when a friend asked me to do a star wars group I knew immediantly who I'd be.The Star Wars Group never worked out but I had great fun in this dress anyway ! I guess I should metion my Grandma made the dress with a prom dress pattern using all aporpriate materials(yes that is a pleather corset)but the accessories are all me! the gloves are socks cuz they were all I could find at the last minute all and all I think it is the sucessful start at cosplaying and defiantly dont want to retire it any time soon


@Queen Amydala
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Series Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones
Character Padme Amidala(Dinner dress)


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