Seymour Guado

Final Fantasy X

@Grey Finch


Oh my god this costume. @[email protected]


@Grey Finch
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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Seymour Guado


alpha_helix holy crap, that hair! did you unlock the secrets of anti-gravity to make it work?

Giullare How does this costume not have more views? This is breathtaking. Honest to god, fantastic job. Beautiful photography, and such a wonderful combination of it all. D8 I swear to god you just jumped out of the freaking game.

FairyTaleKnight One of the best cosplays I have seen.

Torebrore Very..VERY good work! The wig is out of this world :-D

Meruz Get out. O u O IMPRESSIVE. Stop being so talented!! Flawless Maester Seymour!!

Sana-san That's basically the most self-explanitory discription ever. That wig is AMAZING! 8O

stinababe you are amazing! this costume is so hard to pull off and you did it