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I normally don't put side project type costumes in my gallery, but I had so much fun with this costume and got some really good photos taken, I just had to share the costume and the experience.

On Friday night of ACen I was heading back to my room to put on some street clothes and go meet my SH people at the shoot. Because I didn't have the right equipment for my camera I was kinda bummed cause that's what I really wanted to do was take photos this year.

When I got back to the room, my roommate Harl was getting into her Gorillaz costume. She was such a cute Noodles, I wanted to go hang out with them for a while. When they realized their Murdoc wasn't going to be able to attend the shoot, I asked if I could do him to equal out the group.

At the time I was so sleep deprived I was being silly. The entire time I put together this closet cosplay costume I was talking in a horrible british accent and just making fun of myself.

I had a v-neck black tee like Murdoc did in the video. I borrowed pants, boots and jacket from Rex-Dart. The jacket wasn't Stylo Video accurate, but I was really worried I looked to female, so I put the jacket on to help. The make up is done with Ben Nye. The nose I made out of skin wax. I only had a cellphone photo as a reference for putting on the make up, but I don't think it turned out so bad. The teeth are foamies we had in the room and I asked Harl to cut for me. The wig is an Arda-Wig.

This costume was made in literally 30 minutes. And the best part about it was NO ONE RECOGNIZED ME! I freaked people out when I talked because they didn't know it was me and I had multiple people checking out my badge to believe it. I practically scared the crap out of Bonk! <3

Needless to say. I had a great time in this costume. Would wear again. Actually looking for other little things to add to it for a future con!


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Series Gorillaz
Character Murdoc Niccals
Variant Stylo


TeaWithGeorge Ah. May. Zing. I'm planning a Murdoc cosplay, any tips? C:

bunnyasha Murdoc~ You look amazing!:D The Ben Nye worked for you? My Mudz had some trouble with it. But you still look really good! <3 <3 I loved reading your story about it! XD

score Dang this is quite the undertaking. Good work for sure!

psycho-buNNieS I am absolutly in love with you for this, just saying.