Sebastian Michaelis




At first I wore it incomplete to Natsu with Xirucem as my young master, Savvyxoxo as Grell, and Messehpie as Finny! We did it to surprise everyone! :D

I still need to get my red contacts and better white gloves (they didn't all). I also want to remake the tailcoat. It was made the night before, and wasn't the greatest. xD;

The shirt, pants, and tie were already mine, and Savvy bought me the vest and wig. Thank you honey! ;_; <333

EDIT 11/26/09: Xiru (WHO ABSOLUTELY LOVES HER SEBBY OMG OMG OMG OMG. ;DDD <-- from Xiru) invited me to come visit her for Thanksgiving break, so I set to work on fixing this up. XD I bought red contacts at Youmacon, got some nice white gloves, scrapped the old tailcoat, blah blah. 8D Anyway, finished now, and I'm very, very happy with how it turned out!


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Character Sebastian Michaelis


Kawaii Pocky Great venues and photos. Sebby and Ciel are both great, your costumes I mean. lol Oh, you went to Natsucon? I went this year but it was okay.

Savvyxoxo Lol, your profile pic looks like a GANGSTAAA!!! XDDD Love ya~!

Patz Elric I love your photos!...your backgrounds are spectacular!<3

Xirucem Whai hallo thar, Sebastian. -shifty eyebrows-

Savvyxoxo Wow, do you look at yourself? I just wanna take your skin and wear it for my's coming up. XDDD Love you babe! <33

yukishir0 soo beautiful! Sebastian!