Elphaba Thropp


This is a couple very early costumes that I made when I was in high school. I decided to dig them out and take some better pictures.....ehhhhhh the flaws....
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Series Wicked
Character Elphaba Thropp

carladawn OMG I LOVE all your costumes!! But this is my fav. :] You are a beautiful Elphie. I was reading your profile page and you sound like me! I was a music major (recently switched to liberal studies), but I didn't learn of cosplay until right after high school, though I dressed up and made costumes before that for diffent events and Halloween. It's nice to meet you, Mallory! ~Carla

Mallory Thank you! I used the Mac makeup that they use in the real show.

Edestra I realy like that... Your green looks so smooth... what kind of make up did you use???