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Full info and some random shots at my DevArt page ( apparently I can not link to it, but it is in my links section. I am able to check DeviantArt more frequently! ^_^;; )

This costume is still being fixed and tweaked with, particularly the hair, but here it is as of AFW 5. ^_^

The wig was one thing that I was disappointed in myself with, and it really was just one of those bits of the costume that kept going wrong. I did order a lighter, more grey colour from the website, but they aren't kidding about the monitor colours thing. For some reason, the lighter wig I ordered turned out to be BLACK. &gt;_<
Not that I would normally mind, but Raven's hair seems lighter to me, either grey or even brownish. Luckily, light playing on even the darkest of colours can lend that nice lightness to it, but still...
I was able to get the bangs to do pretty much what I wanted until we got out in the wind and the elements, at which point it just sort of collapsed into itself. I'm hoping to fix that, and the ponytail, by our next shoot. ^_^

The jacket base was made by the fanstastical Meg, as were the diamonds on the pants! *spiffy, super-happy applause* The tunic I hand-sewed without a pattern... on that note, NEVER AGAIN. But, I am happy with how it turned out despite the fact that I had no clue what I was doing. First time working with buttons, too! :D The additions to the jacket, I did- except for the scarf base ( THANK YOU MEG ).
The boots were meant for ren faires, but I have never had anything to use them with, and so I modded them a little to suit Raven.

...So, all in all, we had a lot of tight dealines and somehow managed to make it anyway! I could NOT have done it without ya, Meg! Or without coffee, but that's another matter entirely.


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Dark_Angel_15 AWESOME RAVEN!!

Terranell I can't remember if I had commented on this costume yet or not so if I did, you get my praises twice. YOU ARE AN AWESOME RAVEN. I couldn't pinpoint one picture I liked best because your mannerisms in them were so in character for each shot! And your little Repede is just too cute for words. Fantastic job.