Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Mobile Suit Gundam 00



Sumeragi is kind of the ‘Cornelia’ of 00. Only, she has a lot more insecurities and weaknesses. She also dresses and acts like a woman. -_- I really love the fullness and style of this wig, but it is going to have to be dyed. It's a little too brown, and less red than I would have liked. The pattern for the costume, I got from my friend, mu empire, since we were cosplaying this series together and wanted the uniforms to look fairly similar.

I used cottons for the shirt, though the white cotton is really heavy duty and difficult to stretch. I wanted it to lay as flat as possible, so the heavier cotton worked out well. I had a difficult time finding the right color for the jacket, so I chose suede. The best part was that one side of the suede was the rose colored pink I needed and the other side was the other pink shown on her jacket. I'm a sucker for suede uniform jackets anyway. &gt;_< The diamond is pleather that I painted to get the right mixture of green and blue. Belting was used for the shiny leather pieces and bias strips on the jacket and on the shirt.

The pants are more two way stretch cotton, though the light blue cotton was way stretchier, so it was a bit difficult keeping creases out of the pants. I put little stirrups on the bottoms to keep them from riding up and creasing. Everything else was purchased and altered.


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Variant S2 Uniform


Angeal i love this cosplay you look great and it came out reallly good