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I made this costume in Six days. I originally wasn't going to attend the photoshoot I made it for, however, a friend sent me her progress of a costume from the same series and I knew I had to finish it.

So, I began drafting from scratch....

I used a higher grade faux leather on the costume. I finished all the exposed ends with bias to make it have a better finished look. I also top stitched all the seams, again for a better finished look...because quite frankly I don't think leather looks right without it.

I used a muslin to make the pattern since her bustier had a unique design. The skirt was also drafted from muslin as it was a simple A-line skirt. The most difficult part of the entire costume were the grommets, measuring and remeasuring their distance and number...but they were rather simple once I finished drafting where to put them.

The stockings were purchased but I did make the garters that are found on top. The gloves were also purchased due to time restraints....but they worked.


@Hooded Woman
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Gloha_h Amazing job! You look fabulous!