Kogami Akira

Lucky Star



I'm just got the shirt and collar done, I'm going to have to find some fabric for the skirt.

Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons?
I do!! I finally found some buttons for the front of the outfit. Now I have to get four more. One step forwards and two steps back huh? (TTATT)
I just got the lace underneath the seiuku collar and I'm trying to fighure out what to do about my skirt. It accidently got cut too short, so I might have to start over. Sigh...
UPDATE: I found a skirt that would work and I have ebough buttons. Going to take a photograoh soon to show off this goodness.

Got a wig. I'll take a picture when ever I get around to wearing all the peices at once, seeing as how the wig doubles for Haruko.


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Series Lucky Star
Character Kogami Akira
Variant Winter Uniform


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