Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Mobile Suit Gundam 00



When I saw previews for the next season of Gundam, I thought the the Celestial Being uniforms the Gundam Meisters wore were amazing! I was so hoping that Sumeragi would get one too when she joined back up with them. Thanks to agent_airline for her input and support!

The patterns are made by me. The jacket, shirt, and pants are made from stretch twill. The boots were bought then reconstructed with some foamcore, pleather, and paint. The gloves and dark blue undershirt were purchased. And I add a bit of red dye to the wig.


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Last Updated 11 years ago
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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Variant Season 2 Celestial Being uniform


6SempaIImoto9 I am astonished on the work on the boots with your tools that you used to perfect the look. Awesome job!!

Senbonzakura Beer!

yafromuk Drunken Sumeragi FTW!!!

snowblack Perfect Sumeragi, you look just like her. I don't see that many Sumeragis, it's good to see one so well done.

Mirai Noah Wow, fantastic job! :D

MisChibiOus omg~!! i love ur new cosplayy!! +___+ u look so good in every wig u wear ;w; ur so AMAZINGGGGGG. ur officially one of my cosplay idols XD