Tenshi as Prince Demando

Prince Demando

Sailor Moon musicals (SeraMyu)

Cosplayer: Tenshi
"This costume design has some intriguing details and textures." That's what I said BEFORE I started making this outfit :P. Myu Demando's outfit is made out of some. . .interesting materials. White moire taffeta is used for the suit -- this is a fabric that is primarily used for home decorating. Combine that with lame and satin for the cape, numerous rhinestones, and a boatload of sequins, and you have Myu Demando. Honestly, the combination of weird fabrics make the Myu Sailor fuku look positively boring in comparison.

But in spite of the weirdness (or perhaps BECAUSE of the weirdness), I like this outfit. Besides, it wasn't all that hard to make. I just used a standard jacket and pants pattern, edited for those sewn-in pleats on the pants. I had to line everything (I hate white fabrics), but that wasn't too big of a deal. It was a bit complicated patterning out the weird white layered design on the jacket, and I ended up putting it a bit too high. (It's one of those things no one's going to notice but me.) I used AB crystals for the rhinestones on the front (they sparkle so nicely!) and the blue design on the jacket is satin Heat 'n' Bonded on.

The cape took a bit of brainpower in the patterning department, since I couldn't find a metallic foil or lame wide enough to cut the whole semicircular shape. It fastens on to the jacket by buttonholes. Those big rectangular rhinestones are glued to buttons so the cape can be detachable. I wish I would have used a lighter satin for the cape, because it's really heavy and it pulls the jacket back a bit.

The hardest part of the costume was sewing on the sequins. I never, ever want to do that again. I used clear thread and sewed around the sequins with a zigzag stitch. It was incredibly tedious sewing the silver ones to the cape, and nervewracking sewing the blue ones to the design on the front of the jacket.

The wig is an Angela 750 in Silver White. I styled it in a similar manner as my Myu Uranus wig, but this time I used thinning shears. I think you can see how much of a difference it made! Lastly, my Black Moon Pierce is not a pierce at all, since I don't have pierced ears. It's a clear plastic gem painted in shimmery charcoal grey paint, attached to a clip-on ear post.

Nothing will take the place of Uranus in my heart, but it's good to have someone other than her to cosplay in the Sailor Moon universe. I'm also pleased to pay homage to one of my favorite Sera Myu stars in this outfit!