Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell



I was encourage to do this by the MGS (Metal Gear Solid) group I met at AUSA08 (Thanks Jess & Kate).

98% of this cosplay is real, I am using my real military Counter Terrorism Tactical Gear. The only items that are not real are the weapons (for legal reasons) and the NVG (Night Vision Gear) mainly because it is NVG's are a military controlled item, not something I can sign out plus they are about $5K USD. but Eyeclops has a very good NVG that is a good mimic for the real thing.

Now what I don't like, that I was only able to do some indoor head shots because living in New England really hurt my outdoor action shots I was planing to do. I am planning once the weather gets better to add some full body actions shots to this cosplay.

I hope both MGS and Splinter Cell fans like this cosplay!!!


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Series Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Character Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell


Narnian Nice cosplay from one of my favorite games.

gabman6 You have to be the one of the best Splinter Cell cosplays period

GS_Force Oh Splinter Cell. GREAT games. Great cosplay as well! :)

Silent Meiousei Thank you for comments) This is really cool** I like Splinter Cell^^

Seth-tyan omg, this is perfect and really amazing!!! *o*

Saa-Chan Wow! So cool =D

Gloha_h Amazing job! You must have scared the daylights out of some people!

H-Sama wow, how did ya find those real itens? sugoi

Arroyo I love how authentic this is! You did a great job putting this together.

EternalSuccubus Perfect costume!

kraz_ekid Wow this costume is freaking awesome you look like you jumped out the game lol

Miko Yuya Lin ^wow! realy cool! Amazing! I love it!

Mnemeth17 This is really amazing, and the best part is how real it is! Great job.