Anna Kyoyama

Shaman King



I got the dress at Filene's for five bucks on clearance, but it was to long, so I shortened it. I originally created the headband from red cloth, but I redid it into the scarf because the cloth is so HEAVY. It didn't stay on my head. I'm carving the shoes in my uncles woodshop, and glueing thin flip flops to them so they won't hurt my feet. I bought HUGE beads and paint at Jo-Ann's, and used them to create my necklace and bracelet. I planned on finding a pair of headphones to convert this to the 'Death of Yoh' version of Anna, but am now making that costume for a friend. I am currently re-doing the hem of the dress and finishing the sandals.


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Series Shaman King
Character Anna Kyoyama


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