Tales of Symphonia



So the idea of this costume cames out by the first time i saw the character at the game xD
i get kinda "OMG is this a man?" *-*
and then "OMG² LOVE IT" and so "OMG³ GOTTA DO IT"... ^^'

The whole costume was made in 4 days, since i already had the fabrics and the design is SO simple~
I decided to add a small light at the chest detail~ and in the end it gets lovely x3

The most difficult aspect of this costume, surely, was the wings @[email protected] lots of unused ideas... lots of time and fingers burned by the damn hot glue gun xP


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Last Updated 14 years ago
Created 14 years ago
Series Tales of Symphonia
Character Yggdrasil
Variant TOS


MoeAwe awesome piece

CynicalSniper Great job on the wings, seeing this cosplay makes me so happy. X3 I'm a huge ToS fan so great job! :)

tirihashi your costume is amazing!!!!!! I luv Lord Yggdrasil<3

Alandria I'm an infidel who have never played Symphonia... T_T But I know the game vaguely, and it's incredible. I always thought this costume was amazing, but... FOUR DAYS? Fantastic!