Duo Maxwell

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

My first costume. Despite it's faults, I'm still proud of it. I didn't cut any corners when making it; I made sure to add in every detail from his pilot pants to the buckles on his shoes. Sadly, it doesn't flatter me at all (the wide thigh/skinny ankle pants just point out my hips way too much), but that's all right.

I recently got my hands on a new pair of pants (for free!) that would work out great, which is nice since I made them weird and they need to be redone. The shoes need to be polished up too, since they are pretty old, but I may just find new ones.

Some day he'll get a makeover, but for now, I'm satisfied with it enough to make other costumes I'm more interested in.
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Created 13 years ago
Series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Character Duo Maxwell
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