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OH my....finally It's done. This Costume took me sooo many hours to be conclued! 60~80 hours! OMG! But U know what? I LOVED it!

Irenes is my favorite female char in Chrono Cross, my FAVORITE RPG! So, cosplaying her was soooo niiiceeeee! And, You don't see Irenes costumes so often!

Her armour is make with Craft Foam, Cold Porcelain for the details. You can see another images of my making of in my gallery.

The fish tail was paited by a friend of mine, luna-ishtar. She made an WONDERFULL job, as you can see. She can paint a lot of things, so, if you are interested, please visit her deviant.

Thank you very much my friend! Without your help, I would NEVER be able to finish this costume in time!

I hope you like the results ;3 'cause this costume means a lot to me.
My short blue wig didn't arrive in time, so I used a long one.


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Series Chrono Cross
Character Irenes


Poke~ Adorei, muito linda x)

[/Lélis] Thank you ;3

the diesel love the game well done very beautiful

[/Lélis] thaaaaank you very much ;33333333

BalthierFlare THAT IS AMAZING! It's so beautiful, and perfect. ^^ I love it. :)

[/Lélis] Thanks ^^ And yes, We can work very well as a team ^^

FushiginaReiko Oh WOW, you make a beautiful Irenes!! You and your friend must have some special teamwork skills because it turned out beautifully! Kudos <3 <3 <3

[/Lélis] Thank you very much ^^

Geister That is a spectacular job!!!