Princess Serenity (Live Action Version)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Me as Princess Serenity from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (LIVE ACTION SERIES)

This costume is really different from Princess Serenity Anime & Manga version, when first I saw the live action, I'm little bit disappointed when I see the "Serenity" Live Action's Image..the first thing in my mind was.... "what the hell is Bandai doing?? How could Bandai destroyed Serenity Image?"

But...since I fall in love with Sailor Moon Live action series so....I decided to make this Princess Serenity Live Action's my first cosplay Sailor Moon anime & manga version, I also made both of Princess Serenity costume then continue with sailor suit & seifuku ^^

well...this dress look like wedding dresss ^^ unfortunately, My Partner, Zie can't came as Prince Endymion Live action Series...Well Zie I'll wait for you...

right here waiting XD XD

Costume, Make-up, Hair styling by : Usagi ^Chiba and I used my real hair!! hahahah no more wig XD

Photos are taken by : Tamakinami, Mitchie, Ferisu & Ian-san



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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Princess Serenity (Live Action Version)
Variant Live Action/Tokusatsu Film


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