Final Fantasy X



I love this cosplay so much... It's great to wear and for some reason everyone loves it!

So a lot of work went into this cosplay... and I think it was very worth it!! It turned out looking almost exactlly like outfit! ( i think anyway) It took me about 30 hours total to paint the bottom of the skirt. To attach the belts, I used the linning of the dress as a base. For most of the belts I used a leather hole punch so I could sew on the belts to the linning. With some of the belts I was able to sew right through them. The fur is real(except the small portion on the back) that I got from my grandmother. The hair pins were mainly made out of chopsticks that I got with take-out meals ...XD I got a wig for this cosplay because my hair wasn't long enough...I have new red Contacts I bought for Hilda that look beautiful.


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Series Final Fantasy X
Character Lulu


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