Dr. Dakota Block

Planet Terror

I'm in love with the Grindhouse movies and am so happy I was finally able to pull off this costume.
I made the camisole and skirt myself. The top is based on an older Butterick pattern and the skirt is my own design. Lab coat was reused from my CHEM 1000 class.
Dakota's "friends" are plain plastic syringes painted the right colours.
I couldn't find any remotely accurate glass/metal syringes to buy, so those are home-made as well, based on miscelaneous glass and metal parts from a surplus store.
Icon photo was taken by Solartempest.
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Series Planet Terror
Character Dr. Dakota Block

varla_pussycat Very freakin' cool!!! Gorgeous!!

leelandolee92 HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! GREAT DAKOTA COSTUMEEE!!!!! WOWZA!!!!! if ya are going to fan expo (i see your in canada//toronto :)) i'll proabably be cosplaying doctor block on one of the days so we shud get a pic :) ONCE AGAIN!!!! AWESOME!!!!! :D