Summoner Dona

Final Fantasy X



After my friend Dee suggested doing a Final Fantasy X group for AFO, I jumped on the chance to cosplay as Lady Dona, the summoner from Kilika. I’ve always wanted to make this outfit, but never really had the motivation to make it until now (Or the courage for that matter.). It was pretty symbol to make, the only difficulty came in how to put it all together since its literally held together with shoe string. Yards and yards of shoe string (Just to fasten the top half took 4 yards &gt;.<).

There are still some pieces I want to add to it, but I’m pretty proud at how everything came out.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Final Fantasy X
Character Summoner Dona


Chirudesu That's amazingly accurate and well done! This suits you well, and I'm glad to see this costume somewhere out there. nice work!

tifaia Awesome costume. I always love to see the minor Final Fantasy characters being portrayed. ^^

pixel pop I agree with TwistTie. It's really refreshing to see some of the minor characters get some love. Very pretty! You really made Dona your own. Work it girl!

TwistTie Klepto Cool! It's fun to see a Dona cosplay, there don't seem to be too many people out there who cosplay her. Great job; your cosplay looks really accurate.