Merino as Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet

Touhou Project

Cosplayer: Merino
A friend of mine introduced me to Touhou and decided to make Flandre.

I patterned everything my self. The hat was based on a circle using elastic to give it shape on my head, I would like to redo this part since my hair underneath the wig cap has to sit perfectly for it to be happy. The wig needs to be improved, I'll fix that before I wear it next. The vest I patterned to have a gap for my wings at the back. For the dress shirt I was running out of time so I bought a regular dress shirt and made my own sleeves and collar. the wings are made from coat hanger and duct tape held on my back with PVC tube and a simple harness system. The gems are papercraft with reinforcement. I wanted to make them out of something that was easily replaceable if they were to be broken at the convention. I made all the parts and a couple of my friends attached the gems to the wings for me as I wore them to get more accurate spacing (thanks guys, much love).

The skirts are circle skirts with a zipper at the back. The back bow is tied through eyelets to help keep the skirt snug. The bloomers (which are never really visible...) are white twill with small ruffle detail. I bough socks with loose ankles to make it easy to attach the ruffle to, which I did by hand. The shoes were bough.

I have a great time wearing the costume but it's mighty difficult to get around small spaces to transport it places.